Welcome to Asian Thinker

Asian Thinker is an academic journal from the scholarly fields of social sciences and Humanities.  The Journal contains professional,scientific,reflections on the media, social sciences and humanities it also offers various academic discourses on the limits of reality, media thinking, new media, marketing and media relations, new trends in marketing (including their types and specifics), psychology and sociology of marketing communication, as well as new knowledge on the structure of media contents, marketing strategies and communication sciences. The professional public is offered an interdisciplinary, focused, targeted discussion.

Asian Thinker is a peer reviewed academic research journal published quarterly. It focuses on theoretical studies, theoretical and empirical studies, research results and their implementation into practice. Basic sections of the Journal are as follows: Editorial, Theoretical Studies, and Research Studies.

The Editorial Board offers interested authors an opportunity to publish their original theoretical studies, research articles which have not been published yet. They have to be related to the focus of the Research Journal.

The Editorial Board accepts only manuscripts which are edited in accordance with Guidelines for Authors; the template is available on the Journal’s website.