Instruction to Authors

Review and Publication Process

A full double-blind and original refereeing process is used that comprises of the following steps.

Paper is sent to two reviewers for review. The reviewers’ recommendations determine whether a paper will be accepted or subject to resubmission with significant changes or rejected.

One soft copy of the published journal for each article will be sent to the author/corresponding author. The review process takes maximum Ten Days.

For Reviewers

Peer Review Process
In this process the author’s names and affiliations will not be exposed to Editors and Reviewers and authors are also kept blinded from Reviewer information.

After receiving manuscript from Editorial Board, Reviewer should respond whether he considering the manuscript or not in a couple of days, based on his expertise. After accepting the manuscript, reviewer could provide his decisions as below after completing peer review process to editorial office.

(i) Accepted – If the manuscript is completely relevant and well written
(ii) Rejected – If the manuscript is irrelevant
(iii) Need to sent Revision – If any minor corrections to be done for manuscript

1. Reviewer must not be biased and transparent in his decision.
2. Reviewer should provide the decisions on time line i.e. one week after accepting the manuscript.
3. Reviewer should respect the confidentiality of the information of manuscript till it gets published.
4. Final decision in accepting/ rejecting of the manuscript is solely decided by Chief-Editor of the journal.
5. For any conflicts with manuscript/ authors/ editors he should contact editorial office.
6. We kindly welcome reviewer’s suggestions to develop the journal.

Copyrights for articles published in Asian Thinker are retained by the authors, with first publication rights granted to the journal. The journal/publisher is not responsible for subsequent uses of the work. It is the author’s responsibility to bring an infringement action if so desired by the author.